Is now the right time to fix my loan?

Interest rates have been at historic lows for an extended period of time and no one is able to accurately predict when this cycle will end and when rates will rise. Historically the Reserve Bank dictated rate adjustments but in more recent times out of cycle rate adjustments have been greeted by public outrage, however we believe this will become more the norm rather than the exception

Do I need a 20% Deposit to get a Home Loan

The number of home loans today that are approved with less than 20% deposit is dropping. Many more customers are approaching lenders with at least 20% available for a down payment on their homes. Is it possible to get in the door with a lender with less than 20% deposit?

How to apply for a Home Loan

If you have been thinking about purchasing your own home in Australia it is a good idea to know more about the loan process. By learning more about how to apply for a home loan, you can know what to expect and work at preparing all of the documents that you need for the loan […]

8 Questions to ask you Mortgage Broker

If you are planning on seeing a mortgage broker to help you get some of the best rates on your mortgage, there are a number of questions that you can ask to make sure that they understand your finances and that they have your best interests in mind. Here are some of the top questions […]

What is a comparison rate and why is it important?

What is a comparison rate and why is it important? What exactly are comparison rates, and how are they calculated? Comparison rates show you all of the rates related to your home loan. This includes the interest rates applied to your loan as well as all of the fees and charges that the borrower is […]

What type of home loan is right for me?

The home market right now is very busy, and as such, there are countless options out there when it comes to home loans. But, what type of home loans is right for you? Every day, it seems, there are more and more options becoming available, and each of these have their own benefits and drawbacks, […]

What is Stamp Duty?

What is Stamp Duty? In the most basic of terms, Stamp Duty refers to the taxation the government puts on certain transactions. However, it is important to know how Stamp Duty relates to the purchasing of property. This will help you make sure you are getting into a situation that you can actually afford. Stamp […]

Mortgage Calculators and Home Loans Calculators Tips and Traps

Most Finance Websites have a Mortgage Calculator/Home Loan Calculator, from the very basic to the somewhat elaborate. When using this type of resource there is one important rule you must observe – it is a guide only. You need to speak with a professional before relying on the information.   Mortgage Calculators assist you and […]

What are interest rates?

What are interest rates? When it comes to home loans, interest rates are a very important thing to understand. These rates dictate how much of your monthly payments go towards your home loan. It is important to know that interest is built into your home loan. Because of this, you need to know what they […]

What Is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is often misconstrued and misunderstood. Without Lenders Mortgage Insurance the dream of property ownership would be beyond the reach for many people.   To define LMI – Lenders Mortgage Insurance is what a lender takes out to mitigate the risk of a decline in the value of the property asset it […]