Bank Interest Margins – Then v’s Now

There’s been a lot of noise lately about if Mortgage Brokers are good for the industry and consumers. An article published in the Australian Financial Review somewhat falsely claims Mortgage Brokers receive exorbitant incomes for what we do. However, what we do know is that what the mortgage broking industry has been able to achieve […]

When Is The Right Time To Refinance?

Refinancing a mortgage typically occurs for two primary reasons:   The first, Lowering Your Interest Rate: One of the main reasons people refinance their home loans is to take advantage of lower interest rates. If you have held your home loan for some period then you may find the rates your current lender has you […]

What debts can affect your credit rating?

When applying for any type of credit from a financial institution it’s very likely that they will check on your credit file. Your credit rating is a summation or footprint of your past credit history and your credit score can often positively or negatively affect the outcome of credit products in terms of interest rates, offers or even approval or denial of services.

How to get refinance approval

If you’ve already made it through one of the most difficult challenges of purchasing a home, the last thing in your mind could be the idea of refinancing your mortgage. Having the option to lower your payments by a few years and your mortgage can be an excellent way that you can save money especially over a 20 or 30 year term.

Government’s Pledge to Help First Home Buyers in 2019

There’s been a lot said with regards to the Governments pledge to help First Home Buyers by promising they would only need a 5% deposit to get into their first home. There’s been a lot said, but very little details on how it will actually work.

First Home Owners: Build or Buy

Whatever the size or design of a house, everyone remembers the home they grew up in. Buying or building a house is a once in a lifetime investment. When investing in a house, there are many things to take into consideration.

5 ways to Make the Banks Want Your Business

When you look to purchase a home, there are many requirements you need to meet so that a lender will approve your application, being aware of these well in advance will give you the best chance of having a lender want your business and ultimately approve your application