There are many reasons why you should work with a mortgage broker when you’re buying your first home




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Let us help you buy your first home!
Most first home buyers spent years saving for their deposit then start strategizing ways in which they are going to approach the bank for their home loan.
And it can be a daunting, often jargon filled process!

Understanding the process and the property market conditions, let alone what is the appropriate mortgage for you, or if you should go with fixed rate or variable, can all make it a stressful experience!

The beauty of working with a mortgage broker is that they give you options. Many options.

Mortgage Brokers have access to a wide range of home loan products through a panel of lenders they are accredited with. Their role is to act as the go-between for borrowers and lenders.
Your mortgage broker will do all the leg work for you – from liaising with the banks for their best rates and terms to filling in the dreaded paperwork. They can assist with your budget and market forecasts and advice on how much in reality you can afford to commit.

Mortgage brokers provide choice – comparing 10 banks and 30 different products has got to be better than the one or two a bank can offer you. Brokers also come to the transaction with years of industry experience, and most importantly, they are specialised. What is best for you as a first home buyer is completely different from the you that may be buying your first investment property, or new family home.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions throughout the process about what is on offer, and the best way to structure your loan.

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